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We specialize in REAL WORLD e-commerce.  Our Intellitrader systems currently handle over 1 BILLION dollars worth of transactions per year generating a savings for our customers of well over 100 MILLION dollars annually.  This is accomplished with a fully integrated multi-tier solution combining mainframe/legacy database integration with the Intellitrader Database, a Client Server executable exclusively for the customer's needs (residing on the client's proprietary network) which handles buying analysis and buying processes and a secure website which connects supplier inventories and quotes to the database.

This is a system designed to optimize wholesalers’ and retailers’ ability to buy, sell and analyze alternative source markets while keeping proprietary information in-house. Every install is customized to fit the customer’s business flow.
DSAP© Consumer Product Sales and Purchasing
DSAP ("Diverting Sales Application") is a complete solution for Buyers and Sellers of consumer goods on the secondary market.  The system includes a full UPC database, quote and offer managment, Traffic and Load management, real-time Warehouse Management integration, Sales and Purchasing Analysis and Management, Full Accounting Features, as well as seemless integration to Intellitrader and other end user systems and much more.

DSAP Sales Tracking system provides:
  • Comprehensive Quote and Offer Engine
  • Complete Accounts Recievable, Payables with seamless integration to our WMS system and standard general ledger pakages
  • Purchasing Credit Memo and Billback Managment
  • Traffic mangagment and Load tracking
  • Generate customized reports and more...
Warehouse Management System (DBD WMS)
DBD Warehouse Management System (DBD WMS) designed to optimize all warehouse operations including:
  • Inventory tracking
  • Product inbound & outbound
  • Product relocation
  • Product picking process
  • Bill of lading generator
  • RF Transaction ability 
  • Reports and much more...
Proprietary Systems
DBD has created many proprietary systems custom specified in a variety of different disciplines including:
  • Real Estate Management and Sales
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resouces  
  • Construction Management

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